History of the Club

Our indoor rifle range was used during World War II for training by the Cheadle Section of the Home Guard. The volunteer members of "Dad's Army" obviously enjoyed their rifle shooting and enthusiasts formed the Cheadle Home Guard Rifle Club to practice the sport when the threat of invasion had faded. When the Home Guard was disbanded, the club changed its name to "Cheadle Rifle Club" and it took part with great success in local and national leagues when these were reorganised after the war.

Cheadle Rifle Club has used the range continuously since the club was formed more than sixty years ago. Naturally enough, the traditions of the club are founded in its past history. Shooting is confined to target practice at 25 yards with small-bore (0.22" calibre) single-shot rifles fired from the conventional lying position. In fact, the Home Guard would be completely at home with our equipment. They might be surprised, however, to see today's members regularly placing six or seven shots out of ten entirely within a bull's-eye only half-an-inch in diameter. Pistol shooting has never been part of the club's agenda.

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